Kristin Armstrong wins her 3rd straight gold medal at Rio

This is one of the unsung inspirational stories of Kristin Armstrong winning her third gold medal at the Rio Olympics.

The dedication and motivation she maintained to achieve her goals would have been outstanding. 

You may be thinking that her life would have been solely dedicated to training for the ultimate glory but the reality is she has a young son to look after and also has a job.

One of her mantras is not to let negative thoughts get in the way of achieving your goals and believes that her achievement will inspire other moms to achieve their dreams and goals.

It's easy to fall back on old thought patterns and habits but as Kristin has showed that everything is achievable.

If your goals is to lose weight or get fit then as Kristin has shown, you CAN do it!

Set out a plan, stay positive and don't stop until you achieve it.

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