10 ways to beat joggers boredom

Jogging as part of your fitness program is a great way to get fit and keep the pounds off.

There comes a time that running can becomes boring and monotonous, this is normal and part of how the brain works. That doesn't mean we just stop and this can happen to some.

What you can do is find new ways to make the run more interesting and challenging.

This article offers 10 tips that can do just that. Pick a few to start off with and change them up every couple of weeks or months depending on your disposition and motivational levels.

"To fight boredom, engage your mind as well as your body. To accomplish this, I suggest mixing up your runs as much as you can. Avoid running the same route, at the same pace, day after day.

Run in different locations with varying mileage. Try diverse workouts, and do them with new running partners. Even better, find a local running group. Mixing it up helps get you out the door, keeps it fun, and boosts your fitness level." read the rest of the article here

Written by Runner's World

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