Thinking will keep you stagnate

How many times have you 'thought' yourself out of going to the gym or whatever training your involved in? Thinking too much especially when training time is approaching is all too common and one of the main reasons we break the winning cycle and go back to old habits. 

This has happened to me countless times I'm ashamed to say. Though it's nothing to be ashamed about because it's how our brains function. They key is to catch yourself doing it and take steps to change the end the result.

Thinking back when I used to let excuses get the better of me I used all types of excuses like these classics.

I've had a busy day.
It's raining
It's too hot or too cold
I'm too sore
I have friends coming over
The kids want help with their homework

Sound familiar!

Let's be honest there's not enough space on my hard drive to list all types of excuses that we have used to get out of doing for what's best for our health.

This article is not about all the excuses that we have used but the thinking process that leads to non action on our part.

When I catch myself thinking this way, my trick is to focus my attention onto something else.
For example, some of you who have tried meditation will know what I mean. When learning to meditate you don't actually stop thinking but you focus your attention on something else, like your breath. By having a single minded approach to your breath there is less likely hood that thoughts will intrude. As you practise your focus becomes stronger and concentrating on your breath becomes easier and hence less frivolous thoughts intrude during our meditation.

So the moral of this post is to stop thinking about your impending training but to focus on what your currently doing, this forces excuses to diminish and lose their power.

Using this method over a period of time will force you mind to give up on such thoughts as feeble excuses to get out of what needs doing, and that is to get your butt to training.  

In one of my previous posts I wrote about scheduling your workouts, I'm a big fan of this as it decreases excuses and over time gets you into a routine that is difficult to break. You can read it here (Scheduled Workouts) if you missed it.

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Before signing off - next time you catch yourself fighting those negative, excuse inducing thoughts stop for a moment and concentrate on what you are currently doing. If at work focus on that, if your at the park take a few deep breaths and enjoy the surroundings. With practice and time the excuses will become less frequent and hold no power over you. Good luck.

I would dearly love to hear your thoughts and victories no matter how small they may be. 

Sharing with others gives you added strength and reinforces your determination.