Being a Hero takes guts and determination - Watch this video

After watching this video not only did it give a serious dose of goose bumps but a glimpse into what is required to attain you goals. We may not all want to be like Lazar because the amount of time and energy spent into his pursuit it requires a huge commitment.

Each of us has different goals and dreams, so whatever they are we need to create an action plan and be motivated enough to stick to it.

So if you haven't been seeing results that you would have expected by now, it's probably because you haven't put in the required time and energy.

I like watching these video, it helps in giving that extra boost when I'm not 100% in focused in what I'm trying to achieve.

Anyway, have an awesome day, I'm off to the gym, aaarrrgghhhh!!!!!!!

Here's two of my favorite books.
Strength Training Anatomy
You are your own gym