Knowing WHY is the key to losing weight

Are you still searching for the another blueprint or 'how to' guide that will help you lose weight and get fit?  This article is not a 'how to' but a 'why to', read on to learn more.

We are inundated daily with 'how to' guides,  ebooks, videos, presentations, webinars, podcasts and more, on all sorts of topics. There is no shortage of 'how to' do things and yet we generally fail to take action. The 'how to' are all around us, one quick search on the internet will immediately point us to all the methods we need to achieve our goals. 

Taking action is where the rubber hits the road, it's where things are created and manifest themselves in the real world.

So why are we still searching? Why are we still not taking action? Why do we question ourselves time and time again? We know what we need to do and yet the results seem to allude us.

The answer is simple, we first need to know WHY !!!

Knowing clearly in your mind why you want something is the most important thing that you must discover. When you nail down the 'why' the rest is a breeze. 

In this case what you need to discover is 'Why do you want to lose weight?'

I can't answer this for you, it will be different for everyone. If I asked one hundred people why they want to lose weight. I will get 100 different answers, and all of them will be valid for the individual.
The new year is fast approaching and we will make more New Years' resolutions, AGAIN. This time ask yourself questions that could make all the difference. 

Ask yourself, WHY do I want to lose weight?, WHY do I want to be fit?.

When you answer these questions, write them down, read them daily, create affirmations, emotionalise them, this will create a burning desire to achieve what you want. This desire, this passion, that is created from knowing 'why' will begin to manifest in the physical world.

If you don't have an action plan you can get my '7 step approach to a healthy lifestyle' here, or by filling out the details in the sidebar, this is a 'how to' book which will provide everything you need to lose weight and get fit. 

Don't download the book until you know 'WHY', otherwise it will be just another download to occupy your computer taking up useless space.  

I would love to hear your thoughts on this article, sharing experiences is another way towards achieving your goals. All the best and good luck...