Train for wellness not weight loss

Not again, do I really need to train, again? The answer of course is 'yes' but why does your mind keep asking the same question over and over again?
When our brains ask this of us repeatedly one day when where not feeling at our best we will give in to the temptation of staying home and just 'chill' especially after a hard days work, you deserve it right? And that’s when the rot sets in and in some cases the beginning of the end for our exercise regime.
The reality is, it's difficult to lose weight, your brain sees this as chore and we humans naturally hate chores, especially ones that are inconvenient and take precious time from our lives.
Let me ask you a question, how many times have you regretted doing a workout. I bet 99.9% of the times when you have finished your workout you say to yourself or your training partner "That was great, I feel fantastic, can't wait for the next one" Am I right?
If you could bottle that feeling and take a sniff from it every time an excuse popped into your brain you would be trim and taught and terrific the rest of your life.

Well why don’t you do just that.
Instead of focusing on losing weight and seeing it as a chore, change your mindset and think ‘wellness’. Think how good you will feel after your workout, mentally picture yourself after your workout, the relaxed feeling you get, the sense of achievement, the sweat (fat crying) dripping from your head, etc. I’m getting excited just writing about it, how does it make you feel right now?
The fact is that exercising causes the body to produce endorphins ,  without getting into detailed medical terms, they are just chemicals that help you feel peaceful and happy. That’s what the body likes and that is what we should strive for. If we strive for that special feeling we get after a workout then the rest will look after itself, like keeping your weight down and all the other benefits that come from regular exercise.
Next time you feel an excuse creeping in, just remember how good you will feel after the workout..