Motivational quotes for fitness

Inspiration and motivation comes in many forms, we sometimes get a burst of motivation when watching major sporting events, sometimes when listening to a song on the radio or your iPod.

As we know one of the major obstacles we face when keeping to a scheduled workout routine is finding the motivation to keep going. We have all been there, we get up in the morning looking forward to this evenings workout and as we get closer to our scheduled workout things magically seem to get in our way. We get an invite for dinner that very evening, the kids need help with homework, you shoulder seems to be getting more painful as the day progresses, oops your spouse is going to be late from work and your cooking dinner for the family, sounds familiar?

These are just a small sample of some of the obstacles that creep into my mind as the impending workout is approaching. Recently I began using motivational quotes that I place in strategic places that keep me focused and motivated during the day. I have them displayed on my phone at pre scheduled times throughout the day, I have motivational messages in my diary, I also place them around the house in strategic places such as the study door, inside the toilet, on the fridge, in the car anywhere that will give me that burst that I need to get to that all important workout.
I also keep a book strategically on the coffee table titled '50 Things to know to stick with a workout', it's a great little book that gives me that extra pep, it's extremely cheap and well worth the few dollars that it costs. You can view it here.

Remember excuses become a habit, a habit that you don't want to form, especially where your health is involved.

I've listed five motivational messages that I'm currently using, I like to change them around as I have a tendency to become desensitized to them if I keep them too long. If you have any others that help you please share them here, it may help someone in need.


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